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Jade Compacta
Jade Compacta
Jades are in the Crassula family and are very easy to grow and can take considerable abuse in stride. They keep their rich, emerald-green color year round.

They enjoy a range of light from full sun to filtered sun or light shade. They will be unhappy and become very leggy in too much shade. Jades like a full drink as long as they are allowed to dry out well between waterings. This is very important as they will rot if they are kept damp. They use up water rapidly as they are fairly fast growers and you may find that you need to water them frequently. Not much fertilizer is needed.

Jades must be kept as near to a sunny position as possible to bloom. They will grow in any soil. Protect from freezing temperatures.

Jade Flower
Flowering Jade
It is easy to think that a Jade is a Jade, but in reality there are a number of varieties. Among others, there is Mini Jade with its tight, compact leaves; 'Hobbit' and 'Gollum' or "Fingers" Jade, with their elongated, tube-like leaves;' Ruby' Jade with its red-edged leaves and 'Sunset' Jade, with its yellow tricolor leaves. Pink Jade is a variety that has a sought-after, rosy-pink flower that blooms in November and December.

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